3Play Media: Docs

Service Approvals

View services pending approval at 3Play Media

Object Representation

Unless otherwise specified, all routes return the following data structure in the data key.

Name Type Description
id Integer The ID of the service
name String The name of the media file associated with the service
media_file_id Integer The ID of the media file associated with the service
transcript_id Integer Transcript associated with the service
service_type String The type of the service
duration Integer File duration, in seconds
ordered_by String Name of user requesting upload
ordered_at String Date of file upload
turnaround_level_id Integer The ID of the 3Play turnaround level being requested
price_rate String The service price rate
total_price String Total service price


  • List of all services awaiting approval

    GET https://api.3playmedia.com/v3/services/approvals

  • Show a service that needs approval

    GET https://api.3playmedia.com/v3/services/approvals/:id