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View project details

Object Representation

Unless otherwise specified, all routes return the following data structure in the data key.

Name Type Description
id Integer 3Play project ID
name String Project name
sandbox Boolean Sandbox projects allow you to test API workflows without incurring charges


  • Show your project information

    GET https://api.3playmedia.com/v3/project/

  • View your project settings

    GET https://api.3playmedia.com/v3/project/configuration

  • Configure your project settings

    POST https://api.3playmedia.com/v3/project/configuration

    Parameter Type Description Required Default
    flag_settings String "Standard" to allow flags & uncertain terms to be marked with [? ?] or "Clean" to resolve all flags No no default
    transcript_style String "Clean Read", "Verbatim", or "Verbatim Light" No no default
    speaker_identification String Speaker identification setting No no default
    transcription_category String "Default", "Math", "Financial", or "Entertainment and Media" No no default
    audio_description_speaker Speaker Speaker name for Audio Description voice synthesis No no default
    audio_description_speaking_rate Integer Speaking rate, in words per minute, for Audio Description voice synthesis No no default
    starting_timecode String hh:mm:ss:ms No no default
    dropframe Boolean Are captions encoded with dropframe timing? No no default
    frame_rate_from_header Boolean Should the frame rate be inferred from the source file header? No no default
    fps Float Manually set the frame rate for your source file No no default
    alignment_review_mode String (Alignment service only) "Thresholded", "Off", or "On" to determine how to handle possibly suspect automated alignment No no default
    encoded_captions_single_line Boolean (Caption encoding only) Should encoded captions be displayed on a single line only? No no default
    encoded_captions_font_size Integer (Caption encoding: open captions only) Font size for encoded captions No no default

    Response contains an array of Configuration objects with the following attributes:

    Name Type Description
    name String Configuration name
    category String Configuration category
    value * Configuration value
    resource String Which resource is assigned to this configuration. Configurations are inherited from their parent resources (e.g. Project) unless set at a more specific level. "Default" means no value is set and your project is using the default value for this configuration.