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Sorting & Pagination

Most routes that return a list of objects will support sorting and pagination. When they do, they will do so with a standard language, described here.


You can sort objects returned using the parameters sort_by and sort_dir.

sort_dir can take the values "asc" or "desc".

sort_by values will generally be the same name as create or update parameters, though often limited to a subset of the possible options. For example, many resources can be provided the parameter sort_by=name. You can also usually sort by id, created_at, and updated_at. Invalid sort options will result in a response: {"code":400,"error":{"type":"parameter_error","message":"Unacceptable value for parameter: 'sort_by'","items":["sort_by"]}}


Any route that supports pagination will return a pagination key in the response data. You can query for different pages using the page parameters. You can change the number of results per page using the per_page parameter.