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APIv3 Sandbox

We do not use a separate set of sandbox endpoints. Instead, users designate a project within their account as a sandboxed project via the sandbox boolean value. Sandboxed projects mimic the workflow of regular projects but allow you to quickly test your API workflow without incurring charges.

Sandboxed projects work for order submission as well as ingestion of completed orders. There is no limit to the number of sandboxed projects you can create.

Notes about sandboxed projects:

  • Submitted files are truncated to a maximum of 10 seconds
  • Text assets produced by orders are lorum ipsified
  • Pricerates for all services are $0.00

In other words, a successfully submitted order to a sandboxed project is treated as a 10 second file and will return assets containing dummy data. However, the format and function of these assets is the same as real orders, enabling you to confidently work with our API to build your integration.

The sandbox attribute is available for both Admin-level API key access and Project-level API key access.

Other than the sandbox attribute, sandboxed projects function the same as any other project in your account. Additional details about creating new projects can be found on the Project and (Admin only) Project pages.